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SunTrust Banks, Inc. is an American bank holding company with SunTrust Bank as its largest subsidiary and assets of US$199 billion as of March 31, 2018. The bank's most direct corporate parent was established in 1891 in Atlanta, where it was headquartered. As of September 2016, SunTrust Bank operated 1,400 bank branches and 2,160 ATMs across 11 southeastern states and Washington, D.C. The bank's primary businesses included deposits, lending, credit cards, and trust and investment services. Through its various subsidiaries, the company provided corporate and investment banking, capital market services, mortgage banking, and wealth management — with nearly 24,000 employees. In 2013, it was ordered to pay $1.5 billion "to resolve claims of shoddy mortgage lending, servicing and foreclosure practices," and it reached a preliminary $968 Million settlement with the US government in 2014. In February 2019, SunTrust Banks announced its pending purchase by BB&T for $28 billion in an all-stock deal, creating the sixth largest U.S. lender, being the biggest bank deal since the 2007-2008 financial crisis. On December 6, 2019, the merger between BB&T and SunTrust closed, forming Truist Financial Corporation. The two banks continue to operate separately, while merging their operating systems.

A disappointed customer left this in a review, "Over a month ago Suntrust closed my account and still hasn’t given a reason. I was promised my $8000 by last Friday and nothing. I called today and they didn’t know why or how long it would take. They have no idea when or if they will give me my money. Meanwhile, they are making interest on it. I have written to the securities and exchange commission today but hopefully they can help. Avoid this bank and BB&T since they are now one."


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Business Care Representative (Former Employee) says

"You get paid to be verbally abused. And you have to take it and still perform like a robot of sorts. Don't take a job here unless your conditioned to be put down and made feel like your never doing good enough. As if the customers words weren't enough to make one feel that way. The constant overly concerned critique of your every move will definitely make you feel that way.Co workers and payThe job"

Systems Procedures Analyst/Project Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"It's not what you know, its who know to promotion...unprofessional people work for this bank. People work there with no expense or education, they get hired because their relatives or friends bring them in the bank even they don't know anything about banking...hire on bilingual people, this is America first language is English."

Mortgage Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I'm glad i left. They don't pay you enough for what you do, very stressful and very high volume phone calls. When you leave the company, they take away whatever they matched for 401k and steal your vacation if you leave and youll owe themThey cheat your vacation and 401k, and don't care"

Mortgage Client Services Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I absolutely hated the place the managers are rude and unprofessional. and they dont assist you in growth in the company. you definitely dont want to work in the mortgage department. worst manger and coaches ever."

Report Writer (Former Employee) says

"I would not recommend anyone working for Suntrust. It's a very cut throat environment. Very unfriendly; they do not live up to their objective goals. I had a very inexperience manager; who was very racist and discriminatory. She showed favoritism to her white team members opposed to her black or Indian team members.Downtown commute; pay for parking. Discrimination."

Banker (Former Employee) says

"Management is terrible. They pretend to care about the client, but only want you to become a pushy salesman. Been in financial services for 20 years and can say this is the worst company I ever worked.No redeeming qualitiesPushy and gross sales practices."

Universal Banker (Former Employee) says

"Gave it one star because I could’ve give it none. Terrible management. They don’t listen to you, pay is awful, too much stress. SunTrust cares more about selling products then really helping customers"

Teller lll (Current Employee) says

"We were often there 3 to 4 hours after we closed.. a hour or 2 before we opened to make up for the lack of staff in our location. The location wax a HEAVY traffic area. Not to mention we had mice running over the building."

Assistant branch manager (Current Employee) says

"Bad company to work for... Cares nothing about the employees. Company cares more about getting numbers than the clients or employees. The pay is decent but not enough for the things you have to go through with!"

Branch Manager (Former Employee) says

"SunTrust Bank is still with the equipments and process that was in the 1980s ! Not just in regards to equipment but also their process and the employee relationship!"

Client Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"bad management no opportunity to move up. favorites. suntrust as a bank is very behind, too many basic issues to resolve at call center.bad managementshort breaks and lunch"

Teller 2 (Former Employee) says

"This job asks you to work long hours, do things outside of your job description, and pushes you beyond your limits. I was there 2 years and after transferring to the Dunkirk branch from Prince Frederick branch for full time hours, I experienced less than desirable work conditions. At one point there were only 2 people in the entire branch working. Me running the entire teller side and another woman running the desk side. Customers can be mean if you haven't worked there since its opened so they don't trust you, and the get impatient waiting forever to deposit a check."

Professional Teller III (Former Employee) says

"Terrible experience the company couldn't keep employees too many client complaints not enough staff for the amount of business that was walking through the door too many complaints about the company"

Universal Banker & Teller II (Former Employee) says

"Commitment To Team Is Terrible. Company will always put it self first above all others. Will work you like a slave with no lunches. And management is terrified so they scare their underlings as well."

Bilingual Wire Specialist II (Former Employee) says

"This bank was not in a positive situation when I was hired. In several company wide meetings held each week, so many disgruntled employees expressed negative concerns and frustration at these concerns not being resolved. I felt the problems had been ongoing for several years and that I decided not to continue with the company for this reason."

Project Manager/Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"The time I worked for SunTrust was not a good experience, I was not respected for my skills, and experienced racial prejudice from some of my management team. The Project had a lot of turnover, and the management did not have a clear process for delivery. I found that management was not sure what to do about the potential fit for new hires, and was really scattered and dysfunctional with the requirements for delivery."

Client Services Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Worked at Suntrust for a year and a half. The culture wasn't great. Hopefully things improve since they merged with BB&T bank. BB&T bank was a great company to work for."

Business Care (Current Employee) says

"Most departments in Suntrust allow you to make up for time not on the clock throughout that week. Example, like doctor appointment, childs afterschool event or illness emergency. Many that work here who have been in a car accident or gone to the the hospital for an emergency come back and are treated like liars. A doctors note does not excuse you so you don't even need to obtain one. Time can not be made up and it affects your attendance and occurrences which is the number one reason for loss of employees in work area. Suntrust would rather hire and train a full new staff every 3 months than try to retain the fully trained staff they have due to attendance. Our new hires become unhappy within a month of being on the floor as they realize what they have gotten into and how unhappy everyone is. For months at a time staff has no management and maybe one coach if we are lucky. Our area is supposed to have 2 managers and 2-3 coaches but no one, not even at a higher pay wants to stay. It is truly sad to see how Suntrust has changed in a such a negative way and how poorly great fully train staff is treated and regarded.being off 2 daysattendance/tardy policy, lunches that are 5 min over allotted time frame affect your attendance, bathroom breaks affect availability, make up time for emergencies only when Suntrust allows, 1 emergency day uses your vacation time per quarter."

Branch Manager, Assistant Vice President (Former Employee) says

"I would not work for this company everything is half backwards not to mention there is not proper consistent policy and procedures. Management does not care for you they only care about numbers not about the overwhelming position they put you in based on location, teammates and past management. Health insurance sucks I never paid so much for a family of three in all the years I worked. Turn over is crazy everyone leaves.Gave me more management experience and experience on how to handle difficult peopleEverything else"

Fraud Specialist Account Security and Claims (Former Employee) says

"Very rigid rules and one horrible and unprofessional, rude, aggressive supervisor in fraud that they wont reprimand or fire. Back to back calls!! No time to breathe. No supervisor line to call for help even when its really important. When you see your supervisor walking around chit chatting with another supervisor and politely say you need help, she loudly says "put in the group chat" which she is not looking at when you ask for help in that chat again, everyone is way too busy to help so you figure it out yourself or place client on hold as you try to research. If you report someone doing something majorly wrong that hurts the client, it then puts a target on you for some reason and your days are then made miserable by your boss. Strict attendance policy but they dont update you on how many lates you have until it's about the last straw. Many rules on compliance which is why you need a supportive, helpful supervisor.Known bank name in the industry, ATM on site, nice trainersManagement, Strict Rules, Attendance Policy and lack of notifications, Cruel Rigid Supervisor, Low Pay, Back to Back Calls"

20 yr customer says

"words can\'t convey how horrible the service has gotten. The bigger they get the worse the service. I have literally had over 100 checking accounts through ST over the years. Crap service, frustrating auto system, fees upon fees for having fees, poor name it. wow they are bad now. Used to be a great bank when they were smaller. a mattress is a better option that these people now."

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